A St Kilda Guide to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Well it’s that time of the year again when the city of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs come alive with laughter for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This year St Kilda will be a buzz with an array of comedy shows at various venues across town. Here is a complete guide to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in St Kilda (including our top picks on where to grab a feed, a drink or a treat before or after the show) ordered by date…

Untitled design (48)Rule For Living @ Red Stitch Actor’s Theatre

14 March -16 April 2017

A family that that plays together sleighs together. A familiar premise – the family Christmas fraught with tensions and habitual misunderstandings – is upended into a theatrically inventive, hilarious comedy about the coping strategies we each adapt in life, for better or worse. More info here.

Pre Show Cheese & Wine: Milk The Cow

swipeleftforloveSwipe Left For Love @ St Kilda RSL
28 March – 8 April 2017

A naughty romantic, comedy, drama and musical rolled into one! Swipe Left For Love is a saucy show based around the main character Chloe and her struggle to get ‘her life on track’ despite her tenancy to be attracted to married men, drugs and her own inner afflictions. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Roxborough

hero (2)Evan Hocking: The Morning After @ Hotel Barkly Basement
29 March & 23 April 2017

Have you ever woken up after a big night and thought “What the hell happened last night?” As the day unfolds you piece together the night before and realise “I am in the shit here” and unfortunately, The Morning After it’s not just the alcohol that has caused you the headache.  year’s Festival. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Newmarket Hotel

heroTom Siegert: The Surburban Footballer @ Hotel Barkly Basement
29 March – 23 April 2017

For anyone who knows, dates, parents, works with, lives with or is a country or suburban footballer. The creator of the Suburban Footballer Facebook page brings his sketches and one liners to life in a must-see show. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Mr Wolf

mimeMusical Mime Mash Up @ Alex Theatre
3 April – 8 April 2017

Props, costumes, laughter, 45 minutes, 17 characters, 13 stories and no words!Anthony Verity has performed for nearly 30 years making kids laugh with his crazy antics, slapstick mimes and physical comedy. This is a family show that even your grandparents would love. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Fitzrovia

Untitled design (64)Anthony Verity: Head For The Clouds @ Alex Theatre
3 April – 8 April 2017

Mister Ants’ hat flies up into the clouds with disastrous results. Full of crazy antics, slapstick, mime and physical theatre. If you’re anything like Charlton and aged between 3 and 7 you’ll love this show. ‘So funny the my eyes nearly popped out of my head.’ Charlton, Age 5. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Banff or Grocery Bar for Brekky or Brunch!

hero (6)Local Laughs @ The Local Taphouse
3 April – 17 April 2017

A hand-picked selection of local comedy treats + a sprinkling of the Festival’s finest = one of the sweetest comedy showcases around. Find out for yourself why Local Laughs has an international reputation. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Vegilicious


Version 2An Evening with Madame Elbac @ Saint Martins Place
6 – 8 April & 20 – 22 April 2017

An Evening With Madame Elbac, world famous fortune teller and psychic presents her secret to the happy life. Madame Elbac, the Ipsie of love from Bosonovia, astounds her audience through her mystic expertise of the metaphsical. Absurd rituals, humour, comedy and song. Accompanied by her side kick Herbie.  More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Local Taphouse

hero (3)Phillip A Mayor’s Table 17 @ The National Theatre
19 April – 22 April 2017

Weddings are supposed to be memorable occasions… This one might be remembered for all the wrong reasons! Phillip A Mayer’s Table 17 is based on real-life events and focuses on the back table at a wedding reception, where an eclectic mix of estranged family members, black-sheep and assorted dysfunctional wedding guests, invited due to obligation, are seated. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Cicciolina

hero (4)The Mighty Little Puppet Show @ The National Theatre
22 April & 23 April 2017

It’s the comedy puppet show where anything is possible. In this show, some of Melbourne’s comic talent bring to life the stars of the show: the Ritas. Using detachable extremities and your suggestions, The Mighty Little Puppet Show aims to create a brand-new, hilarious and utterly delightful show every night. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Radio Mexico

Untitled design (63)Kevin Fraser: Life on the Hedge @ Alex Theatre
22 April 2017

Kevin Fraser is all set to turn up the bass with his unique and overly sensitive, politically incorrect illustration of life as we know it! This DJ is mixing up all the gluten free drama you need to laugh along with the music and understand the top 10 reasons why you should not over think the side effects of an avocado! Life On The Hedge forms part of a 20 city comedy tour! More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: The Saint Hotel

hero (5)Homegrown @ The National Theatre
23 April 2017

See the best new Australian musical theatre in Home Grown: Melbourne International Comedy Festival EditionHome Grown is the birthplace of original music theatre in Australia, and for one night only, we will shine the spotlight on the most comedic offerings from the Australian-made stage. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: La Roche

hero (1)Evan Hocking & The Nelson Twins @ Hotel Barkly
23 April 2017

Hocko and The Nelson Twins bring their podcast live to the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Each night two big name guests pop in as they reminisce about anything and everything from ‘The Good Ol Days’. Everyone tells them to move on and start looking to the future but they can’t help it, they just love living in the past. More info here.

Pre Show Eat & Drink: Topolinos

So there you have it! A complete guide to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in St Kilda. See you there!