St Kilda Beach Patrol

St Kilda Beach Patrol are a local community group who care about the litter that makes its way onto St Kilda Beach and into Port Phillip Bay.

St Kilda Beach Patrol meet on a monthly basis to conduct a clean up of the litter on St Kilda beach and heighten public awareness of the litter problem.
The 3182 Beach Patrol runs a beach clean up on a given section of St Kilda Beach for one hour on the second Saturday of every month starting at 9am.
All members of the Beach Patrol wear purple tee shirts bearing the 3182 Beach Patrol logo. This draws in passers-by and beach users, highlighting the patrol’s presence and what it is doing.
All litter collected is weighed and disposed of in the council provided beach-side bins.
The aim is to make this a social activity for all involved and all patrols are followed by refreshment at a local cafe.