St Kilda Penguins

Amazingly, over 1000 Little Penguins call the St Kilda breakwater home. See the penguins swim up towards the breakwater and nest in burrows underneath or behind rocks, unlike the penguins at Phillip Island who make burrows in the sand. Learn about why the penguins are nesting in urban St Kilda despite being only 10km away from a major city!

Where to find them? Walk along St Kilda Pier and make you way along the boardwalk behind Little Blue Cafe. Here you will find a boardwalk with a welcoming information board. The Penguins are best seen as the sun sets.

Penguin protection: Please treat our penguins kindly. Do not take flash photographs. Imagine 100 people all taking flash photos of you at the same time. This sometimes happens when people do not think of the consequences. Imagine coming in from the sea, looking for your nest and looking up at 100 cameras all with flashing lights.

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