Carved straight from the epic traditions of Greek theatre, The Three Graces is drama on a grand scale. With striking visual clarity and amplified physical performances produced by Melbourne theatre company, The Anchor, The Three Graces will plunge audiences straight into the gearshift of the twenty-first century. 

The Three Graces have a lot to say. They are a legacy from a different time; an artistic symbol of what humans have chosen to preserve, what humans have valued in the past and what humans think should endure into the future. In this play, they manifest as a public fountain and meeting place. When the water is turned off, they become aware that the world is crumbling around them, and are forced to decide whether it’s worth sticking around for a future that humans are failing to preserve.  

In the same city, three young women are making their way in the world. They are living in a time of extremes, with a volatile future staring them down. As woman, they finally have the power and opportunity to lead. Yet there is a snag, and it comes in the shape of a baby. Can women raise profit margins and the next generation, while simultaneously treading lightly on the earth? 

This play is set at a tipping point, in a world of shifting morals. It explores the tension between our personal responsibility to the future, and our collective desperation to transform ourselves into something worthy of preservation.  The Three Graces asks: can we live a valuable life under the weight of the legacies we’ve inherited? Who has the right to make their mark on this earth? And how much time do we have left before this all evaporates?